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Testimonials Continued

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"Renée's extraordinary healing capabilities extend beyond our ?normal? beliefs about time, space and physical healing. the physical and emotional changes that occur as a function of her work originate within the spiritual realm, from where all creation is born.
I highly recommend her."

Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., Author of Light:Medicine of the 
and Take Off Your Glasses and See

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I developed food poisoning. Renée said she physically saw long, green, stringy stuff wrapped around my intestines, and she said she unwrapped it. About an hour later my body released the material and it showed up in my toilet just as she had described it. My neck had also been hurting and I couldn't turn it to the right. After that phone session, my neck was free to move, the pain subsided, and my energy level increased termendously.

Brenda Michaels
Actress, Author
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"I am still in awe that in the 40 minutes you worked with me, the weighty blockage from light and pure loving which had been plaguing me for years was lifted, and in its place now shines a loving, peaceful, passionate light. It is as though a menacing cancer was surgically, permanently removed. I can fully sense a difference, a profound wonderful difference, about the light and energy around me, and in which I walk... I have experienced, through your hands and heart, a new beginning. "

Steven M. Weinberg
Attorney, President, Media Alchemy

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"In my first visit, Renée helped me to permanently clear patterns and negative emotions. Since her healing, I feel a sense of liberty and clarity that I?ve never felt before."

 Jiseon Ihn, MSW, Social Worker

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"Very often my problems pass unobserved by anyone, but I know how it feels when the struggle just to survive seems overwhelming. There are no pills to cure these feelings of helplessness and stress. However, after a session with Renée, I feel a lightness and freedom from pain. My confidence returns and a sense of control and contentment surrounds everything I do. As a spiritual counselor and healer, she has no equal.

Maria Martone, Writer, Producer

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"Words cannot describe the amazing healing experience I have had with Renée. I cleared negative traits that have been holding me back from living my full potential. I will always be grateful to Renée for her incredible love and to those people she helped on her healing journey." 

Sirah Vittese, Ph.D., Health Educator

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I have worked with Dr. Larry Dossey for 5 1/2 years and have had many lovely healing experiences in my. In other words, I feel I have had both intellectual and experiential experiences regarding healing.


She is without ego and yet has defined boundaries. She managed over three hundred people magnificently. I am delighted to endorse her!

I definitely felt a major healing and an overall sense of well-being.

Kitty Farmer, Lecturer/Literary Agent

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I experienced a dramatic and, I believe, permanent release of a very long-standing blockage. It was as if Renée actually went into the area around my heart and released the condition from within.

Michael Horn, Singer-Songwriter

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Your ability to so quickly produce such profound changes in my patients is fantastic. I believe you are able to "reach in" and discharge meningeal tension from the spine. Meningeal tension (i.e. cellular tension) causes most people's inability to break dominant patterns and thus keeps the person repeating old tapes. I am grateful for the sense of healing you have produced for me and will continue to enthusiastically recommend you to my patients.

Stuart Hoffman, bar

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It is safe to say that wherever Renee Swisko goes, miracles are sure to follow. She touches the heart with ease and clarity, and inspires deep healing. I feel she is a worthy user of the world’s spiritual awakening.

Actor, Los Angeles

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I felt a lot of energy lifting from my charkas, light body, etc. My vibration is raised as always during one of Renee’s healings.

Vicki Carpenter                       gold bar                                                                     gold bar

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