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About Renée

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Although widely known and respected as a healer, Renée actually thinks of herself as a catalyst for awakening her clients to their connection with the Infinite, thereby fine-tuning them to their highest frequencies of well-being and spiritual growth.

After a near death experience at the age of four, she began seeing angels. Though she amazed her father by lifting pain away from his body with her touch, in her childhood innocence she assumed that everyone had this ability. It wasn’t until her teen years that she recognized her gift was unparalleled.

In the late sixties, several renowned researchers into the mind, including Ken Keyes Jr., Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert, (now known as Ram Das) acknowledged Renée’s brain as being “different.” Using various clinical methods for measurement, they discovered that her brain function, if not unique, was very rare.

For over sixty two years Renée has been a conduit for the Divine. Countless people have written in saying they have permanently been relieved of their addictions, compulsions and phobias, along with their underlying negative core beliefs. Cellular memory and multidimensional energy fields are dissolved, including prenatal and past life imprints. During and after a session, many write in saying they feel aligned with pure, positive energy, leaving them far less vulnerable to the influence of negative thought forms, imprints or projections – self-inflicted or imposed by others. This can enable them to co-create with the Divine and manifest the lives they prefer.

When called upon to free homes from discordant energies, including those affecting loved ones and pets, Renee's clients acknowledge harmonious and prosperous living environments. Relators have commissioned Renée to assist in the sale of homes, apartments, office buildings, hotels, yachts and airplanes. Surgeons, general practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, colon therapists, massage therapists and hair stylists have acknowledged increase in customers after Renée visits their place of work. In the Corporate World, cobwebs of personal issues and entanglements from offices and staff have been dissolved, increasing profits up to 300 percent or higher in a very short period of time.

Renee’s vision is to introduce her clients to their Soul’s true purpose. She sees them living their lives in the spirit of full creative self-expression, aligned with their authentic selves, in perfect harmony with All That Is – thus allowing them access to their full potential so that they can be, do and have in life all that makes their heart sing!


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5776 Lindero Canyon Road, #408 Westlake Village, CA 91362

Phone: 818-889-8420
Cell: 310-384-1130
Fax: 888-600-6940

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