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Godflower symbolThe ATI symbol, or godflower (order now)

This symbol represents the phenomenon of All That Is. When accessed, it generates the clear source energy, the actual frequency, amplified, of All That Is. (Hence, the acronym, A.T.I.)

The ATI symbol sports a nickname: godflower – absolutely suitable in that it represents that pure, positive energy – the sweet, cleansing light of the Divine.

Our godflower is an ancient, universal, sacred symbol – something of a hieroglyph, an energy matrix/portal – in the form of four infinity symbols linked in the middle, creating an eightpetaled flower with the ninth point centered as the dimensional gateway.

Many will recognize it and embrace it for what it is – a timely arrival (or return) to represent the new Age of Aquarius...


Negative thoughts, feelings or intentions have no effect on it. It can magnify the vibration of only the positive. It needs no ‘clearing’ and can be passed from wearer to wearer without accumulating any energy buildup, maintaining a pristine state of grace. For, even in its neutral, quiescent state the godflower is at all times universally-aligned, shedding a constant, gentle pulse of celestial attunement, always vibrating in harmony with all things.

Thus, in the passive wearing of the symbol, as a form of jewelry, amulet or otherwise, it still has the effect of transforming adjacent energy fields, flowing or static, into positive, uplifting vibrations, generating a wash of negative ions, aligning the wearer’s frequency comfortably with his or her surroundings.

This phenomenon does not occur as a form of ‘protection’ or ‘shielding’ to what may be perceived as negativity. This is a vibration so quintessentially friendly that it can tickle lower frequencies into a high vibration of reciprocal love. (Yes, even computer energy, car fumes, air pollution, cell phones and other considered negative inanimate phenomena can generate harmonics of the love frequency.

Everything is, at the quantum level, simply energy, and thus on some level, alive.) The magnitude at which this occurs is always relative to where the wearers of the godflower symbol are themselves emotionally vibrating at any given moment. Yet it nevertheless occurs on some harmonic.

Although this symbol is always emanating its own frequency of attunement to All That Is, it was discovered that the benefits of the godflower, like other devices based on sacred geometry, could be maximized by spiritual ‘tuning’, or ‘programming’.

Enhanced by powerful, esoteric, spiritual-programming techniques, the ATI is consecrated to empower its wearers to be in harmony with environmental pollution. Such include potentially toxic energy fields emanating from various people as well as disturbing electromagnetic pulses radiating from electrical and other sources, including the sun. Instead of ‘protection’, the ATI offers the much higher wavelength of ‘alignment’, thus canceling any ‘victim of the environment’ mentality, so weakening to the well-being of spirit.


The godflower is an energy conduit that can be employed in a duality reality such as ours as a ‘positive’-in, ‘negative’-out channel. Although it is neutral until engaged, it only can funnel positive energy into our dimension.

Negative energy, however, can be directed out of this dimension into adjacent realities. The especially interesting aspect of this phenomenon is that energy which may register as vibrational disharmony in our ‘here’ is only directed to a ‘there’ with which it is in harmony. In other words, if there is an energy causing the manifestation of emotional or physical discomfort in one’s body, it can be lifted from the auric field of that body and directed through a godflower portal into an alternate reality – but not to create so-called negative effects elsewhere. Energy is simply And like attracts like. The godflower automatically flows energy to like-frequency – to where it is in harmony.
(A methanebreathing physical entity could not survive on our oxygenatmosphere planet because the vibration of oxygen would not be compatible with its breathing apparatus. That does not mean that oxygen is ‘negative’. It means simply that oxygen vibrates a frequency that is incompatible with a breathing system fueled by methane. (“One man’s food is another man’s poison.”)

In as much as our godflower seeks energy ‘balance’ in this way, it nevertheless does not recognize the imbalance as negative versus positive, or evil versus good, or pain versus pleasure, and so on. It simply reinforces the Law of Attraction, albeit in a one-way fashion.

From our judgmental viewpoint, that would be ‘positive-topositive, in; negative-to-negative, out’. What we judge as ‘negative’, the godflower, reflecting universal law, registers only as ‘out of harmony’ and serves willingly as a vortex through which energy can be directed to its place of perfect stability. This in turn can enable the wearer to ‘retune’ to a harmony wavelength compatible to our own dimensional frequency.

To awaken this energy transference phenomenon, place your hand over the medallion, at the same time putting your attention on a circumstance, place or person that uplifts you – in other words, focus on something that makes you feel good. That is the key that opens the portal through which concentrated, intensified, pure positive energy can flow, nay, gush forth. The energy of ATI is accessible to anyone at any time when vibrating at a frequency tuned to it. And the tuning to it requires only that one vibrate emotionally in a positive place.

The ATI symbol merely, yet astonishingly, ‘beefs up’ the connection, allowing the channel or recipient to immediately feel the rush of uplifting, enlightening energy through his or her entire being. At that point you have ‘connected’ and empowered yourself with pure, positive energy. You are consciously regulating your own well-being. Direct any energy that limits you (manifesting in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distress) through the godflower portal, sending it to a place where it is in harmony, and continue to do so until you feel the unwanted energy evaporate.



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