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Group Healings

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gold barHealing Our Hearts with Angels
~Lifting Fear into Love~
Live Weekend Workshops

Join us in attending our live Healing Our Hearts With Angels - Lifting Fear Into Love workshops. The date and location will be given to you with directions upon pre-registration. Although maximum benefit requires your attendance for the two-day session, for those who can only attend one day there are excellent results that can be achieved within the one-day framework. The second workshop will contain new material, and will continue on to a more advanced level for those who have attended past workshops. It will significantly magnify and enhance the power and benefits for anyone who attended the Beginner's Workshop.

In Renée's healing sessions, she is assisted by the ascended master Emmanuel, along with attending angels and guides, in uplifting your spiritual frequencies. In so doing, these frequencies can be harmonized with pure, positive energy and penetrate deeply into the emotional and cellular levels of your being. By releasing old, embedded memories and negative beliefs and energy patterns, many people experience a permanent and joyful release from past disempowering conditioning, feelings and thought forms. This of course can easily result in major improvements and overall well-being.

To pre-register for one or both of our Weekend Workshops, simply click on the Group Healing button and download the Mini Confidential Questionnaire, and the Waiver. Fill them out and send them to us along with a photo of yourself (or Xerox of a photo)*, and a check payable to Trust in Miracles. (Your check will not be deposited until after the workshop.) Send it all to Trust in Miracles, 4712 Admiralty Way, Suite 224, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. For further information, call Phone 818-889-8420 | 800.242.0363 ext7477#.

If you think you might like to stretch out on the floor for full relaxation, we suggest that you bring a pillow, a comforter or blanket, and if possible, a mat to lie on. Also, many people experience feeling chilly when lower frequency energies are lifting away from them. A blanket is therefore a good idea.

It would be very helpful if you could notify us in the next few days if you are attending and how many in your party, as it will help us determine the size of the accommodations needed for the workshop.

*IMPORTANT: If you want frequency upliftment regarding specific issues, Renée strongly recommends that you enclose with your mini-confidential questionnaire and waiver, photographs (or Xerox copies) of yourself and loved ones, pets included, along with a short description of what you wish to have addressed. Because the healing process often begins when Renée focuses her attention on you, please send your information as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, trust in miracles, trust in your wellness, and we look forward to helping you be, do and have in life all that makes your heart sing.

Prior to all workshops, please download and fill out:


Thank you for aiding in my deliverance from a lifetime of mental, emotional, and physical crutches. The miracle that occurred shortened my time of healing, which could have taken forever. To be freed of substance abuse, artificial sweeteners, addictive prescription drugs, cigarettes, and the dependency on these things is no less than phenomenal! I also found that a group session was just as effective as the personal one-on-one that I received. When you are open and ready for positive change in your life, God enters in and the blessings flow. Thank you for making yourself available to others and for using your God-given talents wisely. Bless you always.

Jean Arena
Body Harmony Practitioner

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Renée, I was among the fortunate "camped-on" group last night who directly heard your guidance.

Thank you.

You have been able to help so many who may never be counted. You create a wave of calm and peace that mushrooms out in all directions and addresses the core issues.

Shirley Ede

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Dear Renée:

Thank you again for helping me to open my heart to the power of the spirit in my life, to connect to God's positive energy that unites us all. Thanks to my many wonderful experiences durung that group healing I am often able to reconnect to an inner strength and energy that I never realized I
possesed, or perhaps just put aside for quite a while, and as a result have been able to make many significant positive changes in my life. Every once in a while I journey back to those two days to re-live those many powerful and life enriching experiences I shared with all those people, and still yet today feel a very strong connection to them and the positive and healing energy whith which they and you filled the room. Thank you again. Planning on being back in Chicago again anytime soon for another group healing?

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I believe I have been addicted to sugar and chocolate all my life. I've tried every diet and gimmick on the market to handle this addiction, but none of them worked.

During Renée's group session, I was overwhelmed by the energy she raised - the extraordinary sense of love and well-being. I felt the angels with their huge wings enfold me and was awed by their immense power. When she asked that all stuck and trapped energy be released, I felt it fly out of my throat chakra.

The next morning, I woke up with a craving for unsweetened yogurt. I'm now eating salads and fresh vegetables instead of hamburgers and cookies. I thought I was going to get more willpower; I never dreamed I would be completely reprogrammed.

Through Renée, God has granted me a miracle. I have been profoundly changed. Deep within, I know that my addiction to sweets and chocolate has ended. I am so grateful.

Leanne Lantz

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"The group healing with Renée Swisko was one of the most peaceful, blissful experiences I've ever had. It began with a feeling of total physical and mental relaxation. I then had the sense that I was covered in a wonderful veil of energy that felt like light, but wasn't actually light. I found myself feeling weightless and suspended above the floor. At this point, time stopped! The boundaries of my body dissolved -- I was, I existed -- but apart from my physical body. As the session ended I came back to my body, but felt "whole." The sensation of lightness lasted several hours.

Shortly after the session I performed an energy healing of my own on another participant in Renée's session. I placed one hand on his chest and one on his back. Within seconds, I felt as though my hands passed into his chest and around his heart. It was as though I was actually holding it! It was the most profound healing session I've ever conducted. I've no doubt it was due to the effect that Renée's session had on both of us." 

Randy Henderson, Pasadena, California
Attorney, Mediator, Reiki Practitioner

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Spending time with Renée in her healing workshop has enabled me to recognize, pinpoint and release the negative belief systems and thought patterns I've held for so long. I was fortunate enough to see the room filled with angels, teachers and guides! I watched them gently 'sweep' away (with a large feather) all I was willing to let go.

Renée and her angels help to unlock the mysteries and ills of the body and heart. She stands in the integrity of the light, and walks with the highest of healing energies.

I feel very grateful to have found her.

Rochelle Orion
Intuitive, Seer, Seeker, 'Momma on a Mission'

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Renée, I love working with you! I hear so much, I feel so much, I see so much and I receive so many gifts. When you worked on Carolyn yesterday.... oh my goodness.... I have never seen(felt) that angelic presence quite like that in my life. I have been close to death many times and have experienced my own as well as others being led by the angels to the light. But Renée - when it's with you raising the vibrations and "doing your thing" - it is so powerful for me. I was crying and crying when Carolyn was going through her shifts... that's very different for me too. I like being able to feel so much more. Your Group Healings are SO POWERFUL!

Rochelle Orion
Intuitive, Seer, Seeker, 'Momma on a Mission'

gold bar end a day feeling pure joy, hope and love…speaks volumes for Renée’s abilities.

Melodee Crawford

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It was an amazing experience to participate in the group healing you conducted at Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery in Kona, Hawaii.

I experienced things that I’m only now beginning to understand. The night of the process I felt much lighter, I saw and felt things, like small dark clouds, lift off my body. I felt more open and at peace…I began to realize what that meant when I returned home and didn’t react to people and situations the way I ordinarily would have in the past. I also haven’t felt the lower back pain that had been nagging at me for many years. I know I’ll continue to discover more ways that the group healing has benefited me.

Debbie Battersby

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During the workshop, I experienced many powerful visions connected to core issues in my life. These visions facilitated much healing. I find that now I can access Spirit more deeply and more easily. I am much more able to trust and surrender - and I am so grateful!

Ariel Serre
Yoga teacher and Reiki healer

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I can’t begin to thank you for your kindness, knowledge, expertise, healing, and above all, the Light you have shone forth in our sessions. Years of embedded pain and stress have lifted and I feel like a new person! It is nothing short of a miracle!

It is wonderful to feel so free! Now I can experience life as it is meant to be.


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Two weeks after some elective surgery, I entertained a group of women and at the end of the evening, I was feeling uncomfortable and my energy level was low. The day before, I had hit my nose on my garage door and that added to my discomfort.

Renée asked if she could help me and I thought, why not? Although I came from an open place as to what might happen, I didn’t really think I’d feel very different. Sitting across from me about six feet away, Renée worked on me for about 20 minutes. As I looked at her and listened to her voice, I found myself feeling very light, kind of like floating. The most astonishing sensation was feeling as if things were being pulled out of my head. I never felt anything like that before.

I suddenly heard the voice of a friend sitting next to Renée, exclaim, “Did you see that stuff coming out of her mouth?” It happened in a second and then it was gone.

Other women in the room saw a dramatic change in my face and said the redness and swelling completely disappeared. Many felt a personal healing as Renée worked with me and they felt a shift of energy in my living room. Everyone was awestruck about what was happening.

Afterwards, my discomfort was totally gone! There was a powerful sense of tranquility permeating my being and at the same time, I felt energized. That night I slept really well, better than I had in weeks and I felt back to my old self after that.

Barbara Goldberg
Marketing Consultant

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During and after the workshop, I felt that layers of negative energy were gradually being lifted out of me. As a result, I have something I have wanted since I was a child: I opened up! I can now connect and trust more than ever before. I feel balanced and happy!

Christiane Soehnlein
psychology student

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Even though I have been under doctors' care for several years and have taken medication for my condition, I have still suffered from dangerously high blood pressure. While attending Renée's group healing, I began to feel unwell and realized I had forgotten to take my blood pressure medicine. I mentioned to my daughter that I would have to leave early. Renée overheard and offered to give me a short healing session in front of the group. Within a couple of minutes, I started to feel remarkably better and did not have to go home to take my medication. The next day, I went in for my routine medical checkup appointment and was elated when the nurse told me my blood pressure was perfect for the first time in years - 120/80!

Rosaeio Lara

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Since the group healing with Renée, angels have come into my life and changed it in ways that I could have never dreamed of... I feel that my life has opened up!

Linda Yu
owner of Zen Zoo Teahouse

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Last year I got a virus that caused a paralysis on my left shoulder and arm. It was extremely painful and I had to take a lot of very strong pain medication to deal with it. Despite a surgery and physical therapy three times a week for six months, I still had restricted motion and pain. And even though I had stopped taking the medication six months earlier, I did not feel like myself---I felt "monotone' and even though I tried really hard to be cheerful, I simply could not feel joy.

After the group healing, the first thing I noticed was that I was laughing all the time, just like I used to before I got sick. I felt--and still do almost two months later---filled with joy and sunshine. And, very slowly, after a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in the range of motion in my shoulder and arm!! To say I am elated is an understatement!!!

Concepcion Lara
CEO, Mediaopolis

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Dear Renée,

We met in Kona, Hawaii three years ago at Tony Robbins' Life Mastery. At that time, I was on staff supporting others. It was a challenging week when over twelve hundred participants had an opportunity to experience many powerful, life-changing directions. I was no exception, although mine occurred with you.

One evening approximately sixty of Tony's Staff and Trainers were sitting in a staff room anticipating a healing session with you. I've always believed there are forces that are, shall I say, not under our control, but are supremely influenced and guided. I was about to experience just that.

Initially, you explained how we were all spiritual beings, apart from our bodies, and then discussed points from A Course in Miracles to illustrate how you use your gift. You mentioned angels and spirit guides. Then you turned off the lights and did about an hour of group healing.

The majority of our group had very positive feedback, afterwards. However, you asked if anyone needed further assistance and about ten of us raised our hands -- those of us with more chronic issues -- and you offered to give us individual attention. Exhausted after nine days of hard work, I watched as you had each person stand up to interact with you. You spoke to each one briefly, got related, then did your healing.

Until my turn, I was very skeptical, although quite curious, since I was watching others experience powerful results. Every person in the group had expressed a problem that was troubling them. You identified where in each of their bodies the pain was locked up and you released it.

My pain was in my left knee. When it was my turn to stand up, you looked at me and smiled. Before I could talk, you asked what happened with my father when I was eighteen years old. I looked at you with a big question mark on my face and said, "Why"? You said that I was holding all the pain in my knee from something that occurred with my father at that age and that's why I couldn't walk comfortably.

I was blown away. I didn't even say a word to you and you zeroed in directly on the most painful experience I ever had... a fight with my father. During our fight, my father kicked me in my kneecap and I have never been able to walk without pain since. That was when I was eighteen. I am now thirty-seven. I dealt with that pain for sixteen years. After one ten minute encounter with you, it was like that event never happened. The pain left completely!

And there were people who claimed to have seen a laser-like white light shoot from your finger as you pointed at my knee from the stage.

Thank you for your gifts.

Corey Goldstein
Marketing Executive, Chicago

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I attended a group healing with Renée in Crete with a couple of hundred people. Even before she started the healing I could see from the corner of my eye angels and spirits circling the room. I'd never seen anything like that before. Then she asked any negative or unwanted energies to please leave the room. To my surprise I saw and felt a dark energy separate from my body. It felt as if it had been with me all of my life, and now I was lighter. After that healing session I was able to make better decisions in my life. I was better able to let go of being miserable and find ways to make things easier for myself. I am so much happier.

Valorie Sharma

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During my senior year in high school, I seriously injured my knee in a basketball game. The doctors told me that I had damaged my anterior cruciate ligament and they performed arthroscopic surgery. They also told me I would need another surgery eventually to have my knee rebuilt.

But for me, basketball was a deep passion that I wasn't ready to give up. After college when I was 23, I signed on to play for Belgium in the European League. My knee got progressively worse. Two years later, after seeing several specialists in Europe, I had to admit defeat. My knee was just too damaged for me to continue playing. Heartbroken, I returned to the States.

I got a job, tried to take part in some sporting events and even managed to run a 5K. But my knee became more painful and my leg had even become bowed. Finally, I had to resign myself to the fact that I could no longer be active in sports. The pain had become so severe that I couldn't do a deep knee bend at the gym or even squat to catch a baseball.

Several years went by. A new job led to my friendship with Bill, who is also my current employer. In August of 2001, he invited me to a seminar the Transitions Bookstore here in Chicago. He wanted me to meet a friend of his, a healer named Renée Swisko, who was the guest lecturer that evening. I've always considered myself a cheerful, open-minded person, and had at times pondered on the mind's ability to cause and to heal illness. However, it had never occurred to me to try alternative methods or to seek out the services of a healer.

That night I went with Bill, expecting no more than to enjoy the evening and to sense the energy in the room. However, I decided to stay open to whatever might take place. As the event began, I was becoming acutely aware of the pain in my knee and in my bowed leg.

There were about 150 people in the bookstore, with some of them standing in the back. Renée spoke for a while about the work she does, and how she is guided by angels, spirit guides, and that consciousness known as Emmanuel. Then, she did a 20 minute group healing. By this time, I was feeling quite relaxed and mellow. After several minutes, the energy in the room was intensified and became more palpable. My knee began to tingle, and then became hot. Before I knew it the session was over.

Renée then asked if anyone would like to share his or her experience. Several people mentioned seeing bright beams of light behind Renée and a light that had emanated from her fingertips. Some of the others shared their personal revelations and experiences. But I was too shy to speak out and decided to wait until Bill had introduced me.

We were the last in line. As the woman in front of us approached Renée, Bill and I waited at a discreet distance until she finished. I did overhear her say she had come into the bookstore with a raging headache, wanting simply to buy a book and rush home. But the energy in the store felt so positive, it calmed and soothed her. Without knowing there was a healing taking place in the next room, her headache had vanished. She thanked Renée and left.

While we were waiting in line, I gradually began to notice the absence of any pain. I had lived with it for so long that it felt strange and awkward to be without it. I chalked it up to the temporary high energy that everyone had experienced. As we approached Renée, Bill stopped me, and whispered urgently in my ear, "Donna, your leg... it's not bowed anymore. It's straight!"
Neither of us could believe what we were seeing!

The next morning I ran to look in the mirror. I wasn't in pain, which was a miracle in itself. But even more astounding than the absence of pain was my leg . . . it was still straight! I found that I could now do the normal things that most people can do. I could do deep knee bends. I could squat.

This happened six months ago – and I am still straight-legged and pain free. I would never have believed this in a million years. In my mind, miracles occured only in the movies and on television. I can't pretend to understand what happened in the room that night. But I do know this – it was real, and it has profoundly changed my life.

Thank you so very much.

Donna Zalig
Chicago, Illinois

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Hi Renée,

I saw you about 3 years ago in Hawaii in a Tony Robbins event. You were working with the Robbins Must Team and did a group healing. I must say that I have gone through many spiritual experiences but nothing like this one. You went through the ritual of clearing the bad attachments you say can attach while of your normal consciousness(i.e.- intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or going under during surgery). Now I was going along with this thing because my boyfriend at the time worked for Tony Robbins but I wasn't much of a believer of really clearing ALL the bad stuff.
WELL I WAS WRONG!. Anyways, I truly had an amazing experience!!!

I felt NEGATIVE energies (possibly entities) really lifting off of my body. I was in Hawaii in a dress warm as can be before the cleansing began. Near the end I was shivering, feeling like I was in the arctic and trembling. I was actually a little frightened at first but you noticed where I was at and helped pull me through it. At the end of the experience I was warm again and had AMAZING results! For six months I had NO desire for alcohol or caffeine. I felt free and very emotionally stable for the first time in my life. I want to thank you for those powerful results.

Jennifer Maynard

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The Telephone Group Healing Event was a marvelous service to all of us, and very much needed! I had not realized on a conscious level that I was indeed responding negatively to the events of Sept. 11. Then I received your beautiful session with Emmanuel. You mentioned over 300 people were on the line. The gift of connection to Spirit and our Angels were quite powerful. The energy and strength I felt this morning was a dramatic shift for me. I also had a wonderful dream of a rocket trip to the moon. Very empowering!

Renée, your gifts are so great, It’s exciting to be able to afford weekly group sessions, and knowing so many others will be able to participate.

I am SO grateful to you for the marvelous gift of last night!!!!!

Helen Livingston
Laurinburg, NC

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I participated in a group healing series with Renée Swisko, which resulted in the beginning of some remarkable changes in my life.  During these sessions, “abundance,” or lack thereof, was addressed along with many other subjects. Not long afterwards, I had a private session with Renée during which anger was an important issue, this being anger stored at a cellular level due to forgotten incidents that had occurred anywhere in the past. 
I knew I was feeling stagnant in my life and wanted to get involved in a career path now that my little girl was older.

After working with Renée, I happened to get back in touch with a friend I hadn’t spoken to for seven years. Up until then I had wanted nothing to do with her due to the anger I still felt concerning some real estate business between us in the past.  If I happened to run into her I would just turn away and pretend I didn’t see her. 

After my session with Renee, I had no problem with her at all. To my amazement, THE ANGER HAD COMPLETELY VANISHED even though we didn’t specifically address her in our session.  In fact, suddenly we were friendly again to the point where she recommended me as a partner to a mutual friend, someone she was quite close to, who has been very successful in real estate. He liked her idea so much that out of two hundred agents working in Coronado, CA, he chose me to work with him. 
Now he and I have been selling together for over a year and it’s been incredible for us financially. Between us we’ve been closing a couple of very high-end real estate deals a month despite the current low market. And isn’t it ironic that the friend I was so angry with was a catalyst for my current success.  
I can’t pinpoint just how it all happened as I’m new to the kind of work Renée does, but I don’t have any other explanation except my private and group sessions with her for how things have turned out. My anger in every area of my life seemed to lift away and I somehow attracted all this good into my life.

MaryJo Morgan
Realtor, California

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Many people question how Renée can address the personal issues of more than one individual at the same time. Renée herself did not know she was able to do so until a few years ago when she was a guest on a radio show in Phoenix, Arizona. The show format allowed her twelve minutes of healing time with each person and she was to do what she could for the caller within that time limit.

A young man called who had suffered multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident and, hoping to avoid surgery, turned to Renée, a stranger on the radio. Wanting to help, and aware that it would take more than twelve minutes, she responded to a nudge from spirit. Without consulting the show's producer, she made a suggestion to other listeners who might be experiencing similar physical complaints as the young man. Renée told them to lie down, relax, and spiritually tune in to his session. Knowing she was treading in unknown waters, she decided to trust in the outcome and "go for it."

It turned out to be a wise decision, for after the session the young man expressed intense gratitude, claiming that he got all the results he hoped for. He said he was stretching comfortably, touching his toes, doing side-bends and other moves he couldn't accomplish before the healing, all painlessly. Then, days later, Renée heard from the producer that the station had received nearly thirteen hundred calls from listeners who had been tuned in to that session, each claiming to have received healing for various ailments, both physical and emotional.

This experience gave her the confidence to move forward, knowing that she could help large groups of people simultaneously. Since then Renée has done sessions for hundreds of people at a time and she has learned that "healing" is a misnomer for what occurs during these interactions. Now she considers herself "catalyst for the higher vibration of well-being and spiritual growth" -- in other words an "up-lifter," or one who changes the vibrational frequency of individuals to harmonize with "pure, positive energy." Because the low frequency energies of illness and disharmony cannot co-exist with these high vibrational states, they are easily released.

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