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We all have had amazing positive experiences in our life. Sometimes they come in the form of a prayer being granted, or the answer to a problem, or an unexpected gift. We may have been grateful, or we may have chosen to deny them or simply taken them for granted. Whether we consider it 'coincidence', or 'serendipity' or 'luck', or the result of Divine Intervention, we know that something truly extraordinary has occurred. These are the magic events we call Miracles.

Rather than taking them for granted, we have found that by putting attention on miracles, by asking for them or even by just expecting them, more miracles will be generated. But too often, people don't realise the power of their own expectations. That is why, here at Trust in Miracles, we are collecting miracles.

Send us your miracles, small ones, big ones, everyday ones or momentous ones. We will go through them and choose the most inspirational, and with your permission we will post them on our website. You don't have to be an accomplished writer to describe your own miraculous event. If we choose it for our website we will contact you and do whatever editing is necessary for an interesting and accurate description. Each week we will publish new ones.

We are interested in what miracles have taken place in your life. Send them in so we can use them to encourage more and more people to trust in miracles.


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