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Self Abuse, Anger

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Dear Renée,

I would like to express my reflection of your miraculous gift to heal my spiritual, physical, emotional and mental being. Renée, you are truly a gifted healer and possess the unconditional loving ability to heal at the deepest core of an individual’s soul.

Through years of self abuse and destructive patterns you were able to remove undesirable forces in my life through only a few healing sessions. Your work has allowed me to process the hurt, anger, resentment, fear and addictions that once affected my life. I am now able to create for myself a greater sense of self fulfillment and abundance.

Throughout my life the relationship with my father was based on authority and money. Through one healing session with you, 30 years of grief and resentment had been lifted. It was more than a healing for me but for my entire family as well. Where there had been anger and hatred it was replaced with love and acceptance. After the healing there has been a major shift in the way my father and I see each other. We are unconditionally accepting each other and the relationship is improving greatly.

Renée, you have the ability to transcend the human soul to a place of unconditional love and acceptance and initiate the healing power of absolute love. You have touched the spiritual and physical core of my self and removed any unwanted and destructive energies that were not a part of my true being.

I thank you for sharing your healing gift with me. I can see my life and my life purpose much clearer and can enter everyday with a greater love for myself and others.

Renée, you have simply changed my life and I am very grateful and blessed to be able to say that I am your friend, client, and an absolute believer in you.

Much Love and Light,

Thomas E. Shöner


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