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Sex Addiction

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For many years, I have been struggling with an addiction to sex. I wanted to have sex all of the time. Unfortunately my boyfriend, whom I love dearly, lives 3000 miles away from me. We usually get together once a month for 4-5 days at a time and we speak on the phone daily. Even though we love one another, I found that my ‘needs’ were not being satisfied.

I’m embarrassed to say I had sexual desires that I couldn’t suppress and felt the need to be with other men the other three weeks my boyfriend wasn’t in town. At times I felt I was totally out of control.

I tried to satisfy these needs by myself but was never successful. I constantly needed to feel loved by someone else and associated love with sex. I’d feel empty and wanted to have male energy inside of me. This seemed to be more like an addiction because I didn’t have any feelings of guilt associated with it.

A friend suggested I get a phone session from Renee Swisko. Renee explained that I was “hooked” into almost every man I had ever been with. As a result I had taken on many of their negative energies and the energies of the women they had slept with. It was insidious because those women had taken on the energies of other men as well, so I was possibly receiving energies from countless hundreds of people.

It felt as though these energies were craving sex indiscriminately. I had previously been a one-man woman and during the last 5 years could have easily been with several men in a day.

To begin the session, Renee invoked my guides and angels and helped lift me into a very high vibrational frequency. She got my permission to dissolve and release any ties and cords between me and all of the men I had slept with. I didn’t remember many of them but noticed numerous pictures flashing in front of my face as Renee lifted these energies out of me. I saw men appear from my past that I had suppressed from my conscious awareness. It felt as though they would pop up and fly right out of my second chakra.

I began to feel lighter and lighter; a newfound sense of freedom came over me. The hollow feeling I’d had for over 5 years seemed to disappear completely. It has been replaced with love.

Months later I’m thrilled to say I no longer feel empty inside and have no fantasies or desires to have sex with anyone other than my boyfriend. It was as though addicted sex energies had attached themselves to me and were finally being released from my energy field. All along I had thought those feelings were mine.

After all these years it’s amazing to me how easily this sex addiction went away. To think in only a couple of hours over the telephone!

Even though I still don’t feel comfortable publicizing my real name, I feel my testimonial is important for people to read. Most people in this day and age understand the importance of ‘safe’ sex. Teenagers are taught about contagious venereal diseases, but who teaches about deadly energy transferences?

I am so grateful to Renee Swisko for her healing work. Without her help I would still be sleeping with men I barely knew and taking on their energies. Now I am much more aware of my own energy field and much more in charge of my life. Thank you!

Actress, Los Angeles
[Name withheld at client’s request.]



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