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Relationship Healing

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It’s nearly a month since we had our telephone session and I have had some wonderful results, having to do with relationships. Before our session I was deeply drawn into my father’s suffering from his serious illness. I am now able to live my life normally and happily. I still care, but I do not suffer with him anymore.

During the session, I let go of my judgments about my stepmother and her hatred toward me. There has been a 180 degree turnaround in my relationship with her. Since then we have had several long and enjoyable conversations, and no problems. I feel very warm, fond, and appreciative toward her- quite a difference!

In our session, we also focused on two of my daughters. I have experienced similar shifts in my relationships with them.

Sandra Uytherhoeven


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Although I loved my boyfriend Jesus, very much and I was positive that he loved me, we had serious issues in our relationship. Try as I may, I would completely overreact at things that he would do and say. I would get very angry at him all the time. Worse, I would stay angry for a long time. (I was very puzzled because I did not behave this way with anyone else.) It got to the point that he was afraid of my reactions while I perceived him to be insensitive and selfish. Needless to say, these issues began to create a serious breakdown in our relationship.

Out of desperation I had a session with Renee regarding this situation. During the session I very clearly felt a huge mass of painful, angry energy release itself from my stomach area. It then moved up my torso area and left through my head, leaving me breathless. I knew instantly that this energy had been involved in my problems with my boyfriend. After the session was over Renee told me that I had a huge release of negative energy--and that this my boyfriend and I had somehow shared this energy--and it had gone back and forth between the two of us.

Later that day, I had date with my boyfriend. I said nothing about the session I had with Renee earlier that day. A few hours into the date, he asked me "Why are you so different?" He explained that he had observed my reactions to several incidents--and that my reactions were so different to my usual behavior that he almost felt that he was with a different person! He also said that he felt a profound sense of peace and joy that he was sure he had not felt before while he was with me. He looked at me like he was looking at a ghost!

I then explained what had happened in my session. Jesus told me he felt a huge difference the moment he saw me that day but he didn't say anything until he couldn't hold it in anymore!

That was four weeks ago and everything between is so different that it almost seems as if my sister is dating his brother! I tell my friends that being with him is now sheer heaven! I am now the person I want to be with him--I just don't get angry! Our relationship is now much better than it ever was...we are very happy! All these changes occurred instantly, the same day of the session! Thank you so much, Renee!

Concepcion Lara,
CEO of Mediaopolis


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Watching the changes that Concepcion, my girlfriend, made in one session with Renee was simply staggering! I can confirm that she did not tell me about her session with Renee...yet I knew from the beginning of our date that she was acting in a way I had never seen before. and these changes have been permanent. Our relationship was completely transformed! What is curious is that although Renee only worked on my girlfriend, I felt that she had also removed a burden from me as well, at the same time

I now feel that I have a relationship with a new person! I could not be more pleased! We cannot thank you enough Renee!

Jesus Nebot,
President of Zokalo Entertainment


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