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In our sessions, you removed layers of negative energies accumulated from years of alcohol and drug abuse; you released my patterns of attracting destructive and abusive relationships; you also completely cured me of the chronic neck pain that had caused major migraines for years. WOW!

I am truly graced and honored to have had the opportunity to receive these healings from you. Again, you have simply changed my life.

Tom Shoner,

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To Whom It May Concern:

I decided to seek help from Renée when I heard about her success with addictive behaviors. I had struggled with an alcohol abuse problem since my divorce in 1973 - over 20 years ago. The problem had been escalating and I felt that it was getting entirely out of control. Nothing I tried worked at all. I craved alcohol and was drinking up to a bottle of wine everyday.

After my first session with Renée, I felt an immediate change in my "relationship" with drinking. Although I continued to think about drinking and felt tempted (it was, after all, a 20 year habit and coping mechanism), I no longer felt that I had no control over my behavior. I even began to feel an aversion to drinking. Now, after 4 session with Renée, I no longer crave alcohol. If fact, I find I am actually going through entire days without even thinking about. I am amazed that I can break a 20 year dependency in such a short time and with so little effort.

My life is changing rapidly and all for the better. I feel better and am functioning up to my capacity. I will always be very grateful for Renée's help.

Most sincerely,
A Film Producer


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Thank you for aiding in my deliverance from a lifetime of mental, emotional, and physical crutches. The miracle that occurred shortened my time of healing which could have taken forever.

To be freed of substance abuse, artificial sweetners, addictive prescription drugs, and the dependency on these things is no less than phenomenal!

I also found that a group session was just as effective as the personal one-on-one that I received. When you are open and ready for positive change in your life, God enters in and the blessings flow.

Thank you for making yourself available to others and for using your God-given talents wisely. Bless you always.



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I must tell you that this is Week #10 of not smoking. Giving up smoking was so much easier after my session with you. In the past whenever I had quit I still had such a craving that any visual stimuli (ashtrays, etc.) or the smell of smoke would send me right back to smoking. Not so, this time. Also, in the past there was always this little voice in my head telling me " I really don't feel better, have more energy, sleep better," etc. (as a result of quitting smoking) so, of course, back I would go to smoking. This time there is no negative "mind chatter", and even no craving! Thanks Renée, and please feel free to use this statement as a testimonial.

Jean Arena,
Body Harmony Practitioner


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My issues were many and while understanding Renée's work regarding energy clearing using our guides and angels, my immediate issue was that of addiction. I had been working on stopping the use of tobacco approximately one month before the session. It seemed that due to my detoxification process I was experiencing daily migraine headaches that would devastate me, leaving me no choice but to find a dark, quite space and hurt until medication took over. I truly wanted to stop smoking but the cravings occasionally overcame my resolve.

The morning and afternoon sessions were a nice meditative, relaxing way to spend the day and experience Renée's healing even though I felt no immediate results. Unfortunately, I needed to leave that evening and did not have the time to have a one on one with her to see if she could rectify the migraines.

That night I experienced a terrible migraine that took me away from plans with my daughters. I was angry and frustrated with the whole experience, not having interacted with Renée personally to get this disabling circumstance taken care of and discuss the use of the Wheel of Life Pendant for my issues and pain. Still, although for several days after I continued to deal with the migraines, I noticed that my tobacco cravings were not there. It's been almost two weeks now and I have not wanted nor had tobacco since.

Then, one night around 1 a.m., I started experiencing the daily migraine. Sleepy, I took my 22kt Wheel of Life pendant off from around my neck and placed it on my temple and tried to go back to sleep although I knew that when a migraine starts I'm hurting for at least another hour. The next morning I awoke and realized that the migraine never materialized and I had drifted off easily. Since this experience, I continue to wear the pendant and have not suffered from any more migraines. I don't understand it. All I know is that I don't have the migraine pain anymore, and I don't smoke.

Bill Middleton,
SIEMENS Building Technologies, Inc.
Landis Division


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