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Dear Renée,

Since meeting you just a little over a month ago, I have been totally amazed and in awe at what you have done for me and others I know. You somehow have the ability to directly remove known and unknown patterns that lie at the core of specific mental, physical and emotional blocks, hurts and fixations.

What you are able to do is beyond what I have ever heard of anyone doing. In fact, although I have explained my experiences with you to others, they also could not imagine or understand how powerful the process is until they experienced it themselves. Perhaps what is even more amazing is that you do not need to be in person with someone, but are as effective over the phone.

You have successfully removed very deep hurts and conflicts that I have carried all my life--some of which I was not even aware of until you put me in touch with them. After several weeks since my sessions with you, I can truly say the sense I have is that they have been permanently removed from me down to a cellular and genetic level. The sense of 'freedom is fantastic.

There quite simply are not words strong enough to express my deep appreciation for what you have, been able to do for me, and the gratitude I feel for your presence on this earth and for what you are doing for so many.

Jonathan Parker, Ph.D., CEO
Quantum Quests International


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