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Dear Renée,

I don't know where to begin thanking you for the miraculous changes that have occurred within my body since we met in early February.

I had been chronically bulimic since I was 18 years old. I engaged in the binge-purge cycle 3-8 times daily living with the stress, feelings of worthlessness, fear and self disgust moving forward until my mid-twenties. At age 25 I was unable to stop on my own and fearful of the physical and monetary cost of this bizarre "habit". I quit my job, confessed my secret to my family and boyfriend and checked into an eating disorders unit of a hospital. I had hopes that this safe haven would be just the gap I needed to make a permanent life change. I felt good when I left the facility after my 10 day stay, and managed to abstain from the bulimic behavior for about 4 months. After that period I fell back into the pattern. The least amount of bingeing from that time forward was 4 times a week with a maximum of 10 times weekly. When I wasn't eating I was thinking about eating. My mind was always humming with food obsessive thought.

The bulimia was one of the issues I came to get help for. I have been reading new-age, healer-related, channel related, E.T. related, American Indian spirituality related material since I was about 21. I had however never experienced anything extraordinary enough to have had the positive evidence that my logical mind needed to tie these volumes of information together into a reality until now.

During our session I was blasted with an intensity varying, "energy feeling" that I instantly fell in love with. I am not sure if I couldn't move, or if I was afraid if I moved the feeling would go away, but it was the best "thing" I have ever felt. The energy changed many times, dramatically. Throughout the session I was asking questions constantly. I wanted every detail of information of what was happening and my goal was to remember the feelings in hopes of experiencing them again. The highlight for me was when my body started feeling like all of the molecules were growing further and further apart and moving in a slow but large scale waving motion. Right after this fabulous notion my body felt gigantically puffed up like a huge balloon and there were no other physical sensations. I -did not look at my body when this was happening, but asked you what it "looked" like, as I was incredibly curious. You told me that I was not in my body. I wanted to remain in that mode and not come back into my body. In my 34 years, this was the ultimate sensation for me.

As my body settled back down, and I don't mean back to "normal" settled down. There was no "normal' feeling portion of our session. I could feel things being pulled from my body. At times the volume of "stuff" lifted from me felt like five pounds or so and caused me to gasp with relief - Afterwards, you and Emmanuel and the spirit guides and whomever else was there were changing the frequency in my body which I could not only feel but hear as well.

I never expected anything nearly as powerful as what I experienced that night. I feel so privileged to have had the honor of working with you. You are indeed a gift to all you contact.

Since I have been to see you I am changed. I am quiet inside. When I drive my car now, sometimes I leave the radio off and listen instead to the new quiet inner me. It sounds different inside my body. Peaceful. Sometimes when I hastily say something aloud, I think afterwards the feelings that "go" with those words are not there. Where did they go? I don't care, but they are gone. The old words aren't the right ones anymore. My bulimia is gone as well. The thoughts of eating to throw up don't occur anymore. I am not badgered with the abstinence cravings, my mind is no longer flooded with thoughts of obsession. I still love to eat, and am not dieting or avoiding the items I used to binge on. I just don't feel the same anymore. I no longer feel the internal stresses that I assumed were just part of me or of everyone.

I am very confident that my spirit is shining through this body of mine much clearer that it ever has before, and there is no stopping me now. Thank you Renée.

An Actress


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