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I brought my kitten Swee' Pea to the vet to be spayed. The vet did all the kitten blood work and tests and told me that Swee' Pea was FIV positive. FIV is the cat form of HIV. I couldn't believe it and wouldn't accept it. The vet treated poor Swee' Pea like a leper. I had a session with you for my eyes and Swee' Pea was with me on the bed the whole time. I didn't think much of it until a few months later when I brought Swee' Pea to the vet to be de-clawed . The vet said because she was FIV positive they couldn't do the procedure, but they would test her again just in case the original test was a false positive. The test came back negative. The vet couldn't believe it. Was it an error the first time? Did Swee' Pea heal during my eye session? Who knows? An
interesting coincidence I thought.

Mary Sandro
CEO ProEdge Skills


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Dear Renée,

I am writing to share an unusual experience that I had after our first 3-hour session together. About one year ago, I moved from Atlanta to New York, and my two cats had to give up their beloved back yard and become apartment cats. One accepted his new lot in life pretty well, the other has become somewhat depressed ever since, with loss of appetite, affection and activity level.

During our session I asked for help in clearing their energy as well as mine, and I have noticed in the subsequent week that my cat, Captain, who has been suffering a mild depression, started to regain his old spirit. He is more interested in eating, is very cuddly and has been playing like old times. He has been purring a lot, too, rolling on the floor and asking for attention, and all the things he hasn't done for a year!

I have to believe there is some sort of 'cause and effect' at play here. Maybe I'll get him his own amulet sometime soon!

Liz Gannon


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Dear Renée,

I was on the conference call last night and wanted to let you know that it was very inspiring and uplifting.

I have two felines, one was with me on my lap - if I had locked her out, she would have just howled. She really seemed to like the energy you invoked in my room.

During the session I felt like I was in a timeless zone...not at all like 90 minutes were going by. After a while, both cats were laying on the floor near me, as calm and peacefully as could be. I actually think that it benefited both of them too, as my female, I'm sure has taken on much of my stress that has manifested in her as kidney issues. She actually seemed much spunkier today and not even the least bit frail as she had been. She's 18 yrs old.

The telephone group healing was a very good boost for me. I know it moved negative emotions out of my being. Your statements really helped put things in perspective.

Thank you for providing this wonderful and valuable service!!

Alyx MacKenzie


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