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I wanted you to know that my business has picked up significantly for 2004. I already have over half what I did in 2003 booked for 2004, and it's only December! Since my session with you I have felt so much gratitude, and I'm so much more in touch with my confidence. I know it's no accident that I am experiencing these positive changes within a couple months of your work.

Thank you so much!

With love,

Jane Sanders
President, Authentic Leadership Resources
Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Author

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Renée is outstanding. In our first phone session we were clearing money issues. A customer of my husband and my business had owed us $48,000.00 for a long period of time and for over three months he had many excuses for refusing to pay us. While Renée and I were in this clearing session, the door bell rang and the $48,00.00 check was delivered.

During the same session we were healing relationships, specifically one with our ex-partner. This relationship had been very acrimonious in the one and a half years since we dissolved the partnership, to the point of almost legal slander directed against us. In the midst of healing this relationship my husband received a phone call from a prospective customer who stated that our ex-partner had recommended that he do business with us! Remarkable!

Dick and I both wear the 22 ct Wheel of Life pendants. When we began wearing them our energy became more balanced. We had more focus and clarity in our thinking. The industry we are in is going through a low cycle and has become very stressful. The Wheels have helped us keep our energy in line and help us convert others' energy to a more pleasing vibration.

Joyce and Dick Donahue
Tony Robbins Team


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Dear Renee,

I want to thank you for your wonderful work. Your sessions are always a very valuable growth tool. Everyone needs to have a place where they can go to get a spiritual reality check. You get me back on target, and I appreciate that. And, whenever I do a session with you, my finances always greatly improve. That's an added benefit!

Lawrence Lanoff
Lip Ink International


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I participated in a group healing series with Renée Swisko, which resulted in the beginning of some remarkable changes in my life. During these sessions, "abundance," or lack thereof, was addressed along with many other subjects. Not long afterwards, I had a private session with Renée during which anger was an important issue, this being anger stored at a cellular level due to forgotten incidents that had occurred anywhere in the past.

I knew I was feeling stagnant in my life and wanted to get involved in a career path now that my little girl was older.

After working with Renée, I happened to get back in touch with a friend I hadn't spoken to for seven years. Up until then I had wanted nothing to do with her due to the anger I still felt concerning some real estate business between us in the past. If I happened to run into her I would just turn away and pretend I didn't see her.

After my session with Renee, I had no problem with her at all. To my amazement, THE ANGER HAD COMPLETELY VANISHED even though we didn't specifically address her in our session. In fact, suddenly we were friendly again to the point where she recommended me as a partner to a mutual friend, someone she was quite close to, who has been very successful in real estate. He liked her idea so much that out of two hundred agents working in Coronado, CA, he chose me to work with him.

Now he and I have been selling together for over a year and it's been incredible for us financially. Between us we've been closing a couple of very high-end real estate deals a month despite the current low market. And isn't it ironic that the friend I was so angry with was a catalyst for my current success.

I can't pinpoint just how it all happened as I'm new to the kind of work Renée does, but I don't have any other explanation except my private and group sessions with her for how things have turned out. My anger in every area of my life seemed to lift away and I somehow attracted all this good into my life.

MaryJo Morgan
Realtor, California


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