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Family Issues

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Dear Renée,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work we did together mid-December of last year. It has changed my life. Miracles do happen. I am very grateful for the broad-sweeping, beneficial changes that have occurred in my life. These changes are in my mind, the direct result of my experience with you, the angels, Emmanuel, and of course: God.

It is hard to even know where to begin in describing my experience. During our session, I felt waves of energy and divine love rolling through my body and the energy field around me. It was a very tactile experience for me, yet you sat on the couch and never even touched me physically.

The focus of our work was on relationships - specifically, my relationship with my family of origin. Although I spent over ten years in in-depth psychotherapy working with an excellent psychotherapist on issues regarding my family, I believe that more lasting healing resulted in my three and one-half hour session with you. At the end of our session, I was more than happy to pay your fee of $150 an hour. If I could have, I would have gladly given you thousands of dollars. There truly is no value that can be placed on this work. It is priceless and a treasure.

I have been astounded at how all of my relationships with friends, co-workers, family, and even strangers, have changed. My family and I are closer than ever before, and my relationship with a very special man in my life is blossoming into an intimate partnership - something I would not have dreamed possible prior to seeing you. I have received so much love and support from the universe subsequent to our meeting that I can hardly believe it. I am continually amazed. I feel that somehow you I have been able to connect me to my higher purpose here on planet earth, and that now, things, people and resources flow to me with much greater case and abundance than ever before. 'Exactly how this has happened, I don't know, but I am eternally grateful. I only wish that everyone could experience such Grace.

If there is ever anything that I can do to assist you in your work, I would be more than happy to do it. Thank you and may God?s Grace continue to bless your life and those of many others.

Sherry A. McCoy, Ph.D.


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Dear Renée,

The session I experienced with Renée was mindblowing and hard even to describe. One of the most powerful clearings was that of my attachment to my mother.

Because of a 'tanking' effect between my mother and myself, Renée felt it necessary to "cut the cord" again, so to speak, and free me from that influence.

When she proceeded to do this, I felt catapulted into the universe with incredible force. Then, within an instant, I was back in my mother's womb experiencing my own birth! The clarity of this event was unbelievable. It is something I will never forget. My body went into a fetal position, my hands curled up in balls, and my face was contorted like a baby's expression.

I felt the terror of the unknown as I became aware that I was being pushed out of my mother's womb -- the realization that I was something separate from the space I occupied! Wow! I am not sure how much time passed but finally terror was replaced with curiosity as I saw light. The cord was now being cut and I was born!

Kelly K.


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Thank you for the profound healing! My friends say that I look five years younger since our session.....and I feel about a hundred pounds lighter in my soul.

In just one and one-half hours, you scraped away years of pain and garbage from my past. I felt you lifting old anger and judgments I had unknowingly held toward my father. During your session, I forgave myself for some past mistakes. I am at peace.

Most profound of all is this: during our session, my mother and fianc? had parallel experiences. As I was healing my judgments about my fianc?'s spiritual path, he was at home thinking about his spiritual path. As I was healing my judgments about my mother's father, my mother was at home -- at the same moment as our session -- in a meditative state, working on forgiveness toward her father!

You were instrumental in healing emotional pain in myself and my family. Renée, you are truly a remarkable healer, and the world is fortunate to have access to your gifts.

With deep gratitude,

Doreen Virtue


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