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During the last several years I have been challenged by serious physical ailments. Because I am a motivational speaker, teaching others to improve the quality of their lives through positive thinking, speaking and actions, I was relatively successful with neutralizing many of my physical symptoms. First I suffered from cancerous tumors in the breasts and groin. I avoided surgery. Instead, using all the power of mind, body and spirit techniques I already knew of, as well as new methods that I came across, I managed, while monitored weekly by the hospital, to shrink the lumps until they eventually disappeared.

Then the illness changed course, fighting back. My lymphatic system was diagnosed as totally congested, no longer capable of filtering toxins from my body. My doctors warned me that I had a six month window in which to get it working again before my organs would start packing up and I would then have a year or two left to live.

Responding to strong intuitive urges, as well as guidance from angels I had become strongly aware of, I went to the US, trusting that there I would find the answers I needed to finally and completely release this sickness. A doctor in Rancho Mirage, California, diagnosed my illness as the early stages of Lymphoma, and I returned to the UK. However, all I was offered there was chemotherapy and biopsies, a route I preferred not to take. I continued with more holistic practices and, January 1999, returned to Rancho Mirage where I felt sure I would meet that "someone" who would change all this for me.

Yet, my condition worsened steadily. There were times I felt I definitely wouldn't make it, being so overcome with pain in my lungs and chest. Occasionally I would rally, uplifted by my angels and my William, but by June I had developed a blockage in my upper stomach and was having difficulty getting food down. My heart was palpitating at a crazy pace and I was extremely fatigued and very weak. I was due to go back to the UK in a matter of weeks and still had not met that "person" I still trusted was on my horizon.

Tony Roberts and his "Date With Destiny" seminar came to Rancho Mirage and William and I decided to attend it. And that was where I met Renée -- at her booth where she was demonstrating a healing tool she uses called "The Wheel of Life."

Soon after that weekend I received a session from Renée and the results were miraculous.

Before the session, it would take me a half hour to get out of bed -- that was how long it took me to get myself breathing to a point where the pain was alleviated enough so I could actually get moving. I could only walk for about ten minutes, very slowly, before suffering complete exhaustion. I was in constant tearing pain and felt desperately ill. On top of all this, the stomach blockage and heart distress had begun. I was very discouraged. We were unsure whether I would be well enough to return to the UK.

The session with Renée lasted three and a half hours. When it was over, not only did I feel "light" but I no longer felt ill. In fact, I felt well enough to go out and eat a hearty meal in a restaurant. Much of the chest and lung pain had gone.

The next day I went out for another meal with friends and then on to a night club where I was still dancing at two AM! I had no discomfort! I was able to move flexibly and energetically -- something I had not experienced for the last twenty months!

Two days after the session, July fourth, I went to two parties, one in the afternoon and one in the evening! The following days were filled with packing to go back to England. And I took the flight in stride and bounced back into the UK looking and feeling great!

I felt so well -- normal -- that within two weeks of being home I started work again, ful time, and continued working through August, September and October, returning to Rancho Mirage in November.

I am exercising again, and can walk for forty minutes or more with now effort. I have my zest for life back, and I know I have a future!

My chest X-ray shows two very healthy and strong lungs! Apart from feeling so well and normal, the most incredible thing for me is that I have discovered GOD! I talk with Him every day and am learning so much about what I am doing here and why I am here, that life is Love, I am Love, and that is all there is. I am becoming more and more in tune with my Angels! I am more aware, more "sensitive" to my environment, and my intuition continues to increase and develop. My ability to manifest things is greater. I am on a truly amazing journey.

I can't explain my session with Renée. All I know is that it worked and continues to work. I think she turned the key to open the door to where I truly should be: alive, healthy, prosperous, to love, to be an extension of God in everything I do and say, and to share love with everyone and everything I meet. She was the person I was menat to meet. She had the key to my lesson.

And I wear my Wheel of Life daily knowing its energy supports my wellness. Life is so good now.

Jean Edward


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