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Low Self Esteem

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Renee really helped me break through my sense of limitation and low self-esteem. The incredible subjective experiences she triggered transcend classification.

Renee’s clairvoyance was very specific, including accurate specific names for some of the participants.

I also felt very welcome and nurtured during the sessions. I recommend Renee to everyone, of any background, even the most skeptical!



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Renee was working with me on my feelings of unworthiness and our session wandered to memories of being born amidst much marital discord and postpartum problems my mother was suffering. As a three-year old I was very lonely and without knowing, picked up my mother’s fears. Towards the end of the session I felt what seemed like a huge magnet literally pulling out this negative feeling of unworthiness – a sense of it being sucked out of me, much like a vacuum pulling from the outside and having it come out of my skin. I felt cleaner, lighter, and for the first time as though a large weight lifted from me - the feeling of inadequacy left me. I resolved issues with my mother and was able to release her fears.

Beth Evard


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