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House Clearing

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Dear Renée,

I want to tell how pleased I am with the results of the space clearing you did on my office. I was surprised when you told me the area was "occupied" by others who were not paying rent and that they had negative type energy emissions.

Ever since I moved into my office about 2-1/2 years ago I have become extremely tired mid afternoon. Nothing helped to alleviate this. I know it is not connected with lunch as I have worked very hard to arrange my diet to avoid the foods that create afternoon sleepiness for me. I also have noticed that I do not feel this way when I am out of my office. So I chalked this problem up to being in front of the computer all day.

Imagine my delight when following your work, I was no longer tired in the afternoon. This outcome has continued since you were here and is more than a month at this writing.

Warmest Regards,

Larry Gust
Environmental Consultant, California


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