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Dissolving Hooks & Cords

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I contacted Renee Swisko because I had an acoustic neuroma, which causes hearing loss and affects your balance. It effects every movement you make all day long.  I would walk down the street looking like I was drunk.   An acoustic neuroma grows in your inner ear and presses on the nerves.  It grows very slowly, but as it gets bigger it presses against your brain.  It doesn’t grow into your brain - it‘s self-contained - but it puts pressure on your brain.

I went through a course of radiation treatment, which will not destroy the tumor, but possibly prevent it from growing larger.  They said that the best I could hope for immediately was that it would stop growing, but it would probably take up to 4 years to decrease in size, if at all.  My health care team told me to be patient, that we should be happy if it stops growing.

I had radiation a year ago in March 2008, with another MRI scheduled a year later.  During and 10 months after the radiation treatment, I didn’t notice any difference.  As a matter of fact, they cut the treatment short because I was getting so sick.  I was having motion sickness and they wanted to put me on seasick pills.
That’s when I decided to try a session with Renee.  I noticed an immediate difference in my balance.  When I went for the follow-up MRI, a month after our one session, it showed that not only had the neuroma stopped growing, it had actually shrunk. Everyone at the cancer clinic was very excited about it because it is quite a rare thing for the tumor to stop growing so quickly, let alone shrink.  And all this in one year!  We will continue to monitor via MRI.
What a change in my life! Shortly after my session with Renee, I stopped walking into things and could walk down the stairs, one foot after another.  I don’t have to lean against something or walk sideways when I walk down the stairs.   I don’t bump into doorframes or walls, and I can bend over and pick things up without tipping over.  It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a big deal. It’s something that you take for granted, but when you can’t walk a straight line and bump into things all the time, it’s more than just an inconvenience.  I’ve had bruises all over my body from bumping into things so much.  
I didn’t know what to expect in my session with Renee. She explained the energetic connections she felt I had with my mother when she was alive as a depressed alcoholic and even after she passed.  Even after her passing this energy had been interfering in every area of my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being.  After the one 4-hour session, I felt so relieved, like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders!    I no longer had bad feelings towards my mom and just felt like an electrical cord between the two of us had been dissolved.   I had always thought I was a bad person and would be punished, but now I’m seeing this was never even my own thoughts or beliefs.  I am able to create some distance to take an honest look at my mother - the good things and the not-so good.  I am noticing I am disconnected from my mother’s patterns (tapes) and I am so much more myself, no longer feeling her emotions and negative beliefs.  I do not want to repeat her mistakes or become the effect of them.  I am now appreciating all of her positive attributes and no longer reacting to the negative and feel very energized to move forward.
Surprisingly, seemingly unrelated things started to change.  I stopped procrastinating and just started handling the things in my life that I had been putting off.  It feels really good and I am so hopeful of having a bright future!

I am eternally grateful!  Thank you so much.

Suzanne Garcia

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"I was involved in a ten year, off-and-on relationship. I had great respect for this man and held him in high esteem. I still do. He's a wonderful person of great power, influence and wealth.

For years I tried to leave this 'romance' without compromising our professional relationship, but never could let go completely. Although his insistence that we 'work it out' certainly interfered with my ending the relationship, there was also the issue of 'familiarity' on my part, complicated futher by the immense respect and admiration I had for him.

But in my heart I always knew he wasn't the 'right one', spiritually, for me, so I kept myself from creating ours as a true relationship. Even though, deep down, I always knew he wasn't my soul mate, I'd compromise with myself over and over, rationalizing why we should stay together, despite my awareness of our co-dependence.

In my session with Renée, she explained to me that it was necessary to sever the disempowering energy bonds between this man and myself so I would no longer be collapsed into his energy field. Then I could let someone else come into my life. This made sense.

When Renée cut those emotional energetic ties during the session, I immediately noticed a sense of freedom. Soon afterwards I became aware of changes in the way he related to me. He was respecting my boundaries and really listening to what I had to say. (Earlier I had attempted to create boundaries but it was so hard to keep them.) After the session, it seemed effortless to manifest and maintain healthy boundaries.

Whatever Renée did in that session really worked. I began dating right away, and soon met my 'soul mate'. He recently proposed marriage to me at the most romantic restaurant in the world, La Tour D'Argent in Paris, and we are officially engaged! And my former mate is still a good friend and business associate. Dreams really do come true! Thank you so much, Renée, for helping me make my dream become a reality.

Rita Jenrette


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