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Group Healing

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It has been amazing! I have found it novel to not have any pain in the uterus and bladder. I don't know the meaning of a pain free period. Having a bladder infection and period at the same time really was a double whammy. However, since our group healing I can say I am pain free!

Novel, very novel.


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The group healing with Renée Swisko was one of the most peaceful, blissful experiences I've ever had. It began with a feeling of total physical and mental relaxation. I then had the sense that I was covered in a wonderful veil of energy that felt like light, but wasn't actually light. I found myself feeling weightless and suspended above the floor. At this point, time stopped! The boundaries of my body dissolved -- I was, I existed -- but apart from my physical body. As the session ended I came back to my body, but felt "whole". The sensation of lightness lasted several hours.

Shortly after the session I performed an energy healing of my own on another participant in Renée's session. I placed one hand on his chest and one on his back. Within seconds, I felt as though my hands passed into his chest and around his heart. It was as though I was actually holding it! It was the most profound healing session I've ever conducted. I've no doubt it was due to the effect that Renée's session had on both of us.

Randy Henderson, Pasadena, CA
Attorney, Mediator, Reiki Practioner


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Dear Renée,

I wanted to say how great it was to reconnect with you at RBI.

We met in Kona, Hawii three years ago at Tony Robbins' Life Mastery. At that time, I was on staff supporting others. It was a challenging week when over twelve hundred participants had an opportunity to experience many powerful, life-changing directions. I was no exception, although mine occurred with you.

One evening approximately sixty of Tony's Staff and Trainers were sitting in a staff room anticipating a healing session with you. I've always believed there are forces that are, shall I say, not under our control, but are supremely influenced and guided. I was about to experience just that.

Initially, you explained how we were all spiritual beings, apart from our bodies, and then discussed points from A Course in Miracles to illustrate how you use your gift. You mentioned angels and spirit guides. Then you turned off the lights and did about an hour of group healing.

The majority of our group had very positive feedback, afterwards. However, you asked if anyone needed further assistance and about ten of us raised our hands -- those of us with more chronic issues -- and you offered to give us individual attention. Exhausted after nine days of hard work, I watched as you had each person stand up to interact with you. You spoke to each one briefly, got related, then did your healing.

Until my turn, I was very skeptical, although quite curious, since I was watching others experience powerful results. Every person in the group had expressed a problem that was troubling them. You identified where in each of their bodies the pain was locked up and you released it.

My pain was in my left knee. When it was my turn to stand up, you looked at me and smiled. Before I could talk, you asked what happened with my father when I was eightenn years old. I looked at you with a big question mark on my face and said, "Why"? You said that I was holding all the pain in my knee from something that occurred with my father at that age and that's why I couldn't walk comfortably.

I was blown away. I didn't even say a word to you and you zeroed in directly on the most painful experience I ever had... a fight with my father. During our fight, my father kicked me in my kneecap and I have never been able to walk without pain since. That was when I was eighteen. I am now thirty-seven. I dealt with that pain for sixteen years. After one ten minute encounter with you, it was like that event never happened. The pain left completely!

And there were people who claimed to have seen a lazer-like white light shoot from your finger as you pointed at my knee from the stage.

Thank you for your gifts.

Corey Goldstein


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Last week I attended Renée's Group Healing with my eleven-year-old daughter. Amanda, who has had physical challenges since the age of two and a half, said she felt her abdomen "opening" and "stuff coming out". She also felt "things" being pulled out of the sides of her head. Since then several people have noticed that she seems to be walking better -- knees less bent and feet facing more forward. I've also noticed she's had a lot less headache and stomachache complaints. I'm amazed that a healing for such a large group could be so effective for one individual child.



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I heard Renée on the AWARE radio show where she was talking about how she was a psychic healer and that she has had miracles happen in her healing sessions with people. I decided to attend one of her workshops to see if she could get a miracle on me. My shoulder and neck had been hurting me for quite some time. It was constant pain and I thought I had injured it playing tennis. I tried getting my neck and shoulder treated with chiropractic, homeopathic and acupuncture, but these treatments produced no lasting results.

At Renée's workshop I listened and watched and waited patiently for a miracle all day Saturday and part of Sunday. Finally, disappointed and confused because the pain was just as bad as ever, I raised my hand and told Renée how discouraged I was. I asked her if I was doing something wrong because I saw her create miracles on other's during the workshop yet it didn't seem to be working on me. Renée asked me my wife's first name and then suggested I stay on for the afternoon session. During the lunch break she cornered me away from the others, and said she wanted to ask me some questions, but did not want to embarrass me in front of the group. She asked if I had been unfaithful to my wife and I admitted I had. Then she said that the guilt was the reason for my pain and that she would lift out the guilt with the pain. In less than 30 seconds the pain was gone. I felt energy shooting out of my shoulder and neck. It was intense. I never expected such a strong feeling of something literally leaving my body. A little while later I noticed there was still a shadow of the pain left and I told Renée about it. She asked me if I would be willing to tell my secret, about being unfaithful, to the group. I reluctantly said I would. When I stood up and told everyone all that happened, and what I had done, and how it was not something I was proud of, and that I was willing to take responsibility for my actions, the rest of the shadow pain left as well. It has not come back months later.

I guess you can't expect miracles to happen if you don't think you deserve them.

Harry (the name has been changed to protect Renée's client)


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I feel that I have been addicted to sugar and chocolate all of my life. I've tried every diet and gimmick on the market in the past and none of them worked.

I was overwhelmed by the sense of love, well-being, and the energy raised in the group session. I felt the angels with their huge wings enfold me and their power and awesomeness was immense. When Renée asked that all stuck and trapped energy be released I felt it fly out of my throat chakra. The next morning I woke up with a craving for unsweetened yogurt. I'm eating salads and fresh vegetables instead of hamburgers and cookies. I thought I was going to get more willpower, I never dreamed I would be reprogrammed.

Through Renée God has granted me a miracle. I have been profoundly changed. I know inside of me that my addiction to sweets and chocolate is ended. I am so grateful.

Leanne Lantz


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Thank you for aiding in my deliverance from a lifetime of mental, emotional, and physical crutches. The miracle that occurred shortened my time of healing which could have taken forever.

To be freed of substance abuse, artificial sweetners, addictive prescription drugs, and the dependency on these things is no less than phenomenal!

I also found that a group session was just as effective as the personal one-on-one that I received. When you are open and ready for positive change in your life, God enters in and the blessings flow.

Thank you for making yourself available to others and for using your God-given talents wisely. Bless you always.

Jean Arena,
Body Harmony Practitioner


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Dear Renée,

I was on the telephone group healing conference call last night and wanted to let you know that it was very inspiring and uplifting.

I have two felines, one was with me on my lap - if I had locked her out, she would have just howled. She really seemed to like the energy you invoked in my room.

During the session I felt like I was in a timeless zone...not at all like 90 minutes were going by. After a while, both cats were laying on the floor near me, as calm and peacefully as could be. I actually think that it benefited both of them too, as my female, I'm sure has taken on much of my stress that has manifested in her as kidney issues. She actually seemed much spunkier today and not even the least bit frail as she had been. She's 18 yrs old.

The telephone group healing was a very good boost for me. I know it moved negative emotions out of my being. Your statements really helped put things in perspective.

Thank you for providing this wonderful and valuable service!!

Alyx MacKenzie


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I so enjoyed sharing an evening with you at Transitions Bookstore in Chicago and wanted to share my experience with you. During your healing session I had the most sweeping emotional charge that left me breathless for a few moments. The europhic feeling of a million orgasms occured and it brought me to tears. As soon as the feeling left I felt what I've heard near death survivors speak of, they become angry they have to come back because they don't want to leave the love of the light. I believe that is what I experienced with you and your Angels.

Thank you so very much and God bless you,

Bridgette Avet


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