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Telephone Group Healing Calls:


  • The Conference Number and Access Code for your 3 hour Telephone Group Healing will be emailed to you after you register. Your credit card payment is an acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to the TRUST IN MIRACLES' WAIVER as well as THE NATURE OF HEALING, seen below. Your picture and Confidential Questionnaire are optional. Email them directly to Renee at with "I Trust in Miracles" in the subject line.
  • Please call in 5 minutes prior to the session, which will begin promptly at the scheduled time. There will be a 10-20 minute introduction and teaching by Renée. Late calls (beyond 15 minutes) will miss the opening frequency shifts.
  • The call will last 3 hours. We will end the session in higher vibrational frequencies, which will allow us more easily to attract positive energy and circumstances into our lives. As you access your personal connection with the infinite, you will begin to feel fully aligned with your Divine Nature so that you can be, do and have in life all that makes your heart sing. An additional half hour of guided visualization, affirmations and silent meditation while you are in these higher frequencies is optional, providing you have the time and inclination.
  • We suggest having a blanket handy as some people notice a temperature change when energies lift.
  • Arrange to have no interruptions.
  • Feel free to include your animals in the session, as they also could benefit tremendously. However, please use discernment, as a pet jumping on you (or a family member asking you a question) during the call could knock you out of the frequency and may interfere with maximizing your results.
  • Keep your head away from electric outlets or computers.
  • Corded phones are preferable. If you only have cordless or cell, using a speakerphone or head-set is advised. To avoid dropped calls, please make sure your phone is charged or connected to a charger.
  • Be nourished before the call, as eating and drinking during a session will have the unwanted effect of taking you out of the healing frequencies.
  • Prior to the session please have a sealed glass container (i.e., bottle or mason jar 4 ounces or greater) of purified water near you. At the end of the session Renée will make the appropriate requests to change the molecular frequency of your water specifically for you. This could have a positive impact on your health at the cellular level. Family members, pets and plants will not benefit from your personalized calibrated healing water.
  • After the session, add a few drops of your personalized frequency imprinted water in a much larger container of purified water daily, drinking as much and often as you like over the next month. The water will communicate energetically with any cells that are imbalanced with the intention to restore them to a normal vibrational rate.
  • Take time after the call to integrate and record new insights and awareness.
  • Directly after the session, it is best not to schedule a massage, acupuncture, hair appointment or any service where you could be receiving someone else’s energy. The intention after a session is to go to bed that evening, calibrated to a frequency tuned specifically for your continual spiritual, mental and physical healing.
  • Taking a walk and drinking your imprinted water will help ground you. You can also visualize sitting on a 3 foot-in-diameter tree stump, the roots of which are delving 10 or more feet into Mother Earth.
  • Repeat the Godflower Invocation several times a day:
    “I am a conduit for pure, positive energy;
    It flows to me and through me;
    I am in harmony with All That Is”. ®



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