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Welcome to
Trust in Miracles

Experience the miracle of healing that can transform your life
into all that makes your heart sing!

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Renee Swisko, Trust in Miracles Hello, my name is Renée Swisko and I personally welcome you to my Soul’s Calling:

                    Trust in Miracles

After a near death experience at the age of four, I began seeing angels. At that time they looked like multicolored fireflies dancing beneath my dark ceiling in the middle of the night. During “Show and Tell” in 2nd grade, I introduced my angels, but no one could feel or see them at that time. I have since worked with thousands of clients world-wide, many of whom felt alone, misunderstood, unhealthy - uncomfortable living on Planet Earth. They wanted to “Go Home” without realizing they could bring Heaven to Earth right now.

The Course In Miracles teaches that the body has the intelligence to heal itself, given the opportunity. We just have to get out of our own way to receive God’s Grace. After being introduced to the Course in late 1991, I started invoking the Creator, the Universe of Emmanuel (a timeless realm of unconditional love) and the Highest Enlightened Awareness of the Soul, that part of each of us that is our Divine Essence.

In 1997 I was told by Abraham (via Ester Hicks, from the Law of Attraction) that when I surrender, I become “a catalyst and conduit for higher vibrations of well-being and spiritual growth,” providing a portal for others to access the healing power of Loving Intelligence.

This Loving Force can shift your vibrational frequency, aligning you with pure, positive energy. Low frequency energies of emotional, spiritual or physical distress are thereby easily released, as they cannot co-exist with high vibrational states. Thus we are able to dissolve and release negative core beliefs imprinted from our ancestors, disempowering thought forms and embedded memories unconsciously attracted from others, as well as physical, emotional and spiritual traumas. Freed from all this, we can align with our Divine Nature. Miracles may continue to unfold after our time together as you have been calibrated to the frequency of unconditional love and infinite trust.

Because of the multidimensional nature of this Loving Intelligence, which is limitless, the sessions are successful over any distance - whether in person or over the telephone; individually or with groups; over the Internet, radio or television. As we co-create with the Divine, you can attune to the exquisite stillness of pure love - aligning yourself to your highest spiritual harmonic.

Reawakening to these sublime frequencies allows you to access your personal connection with The Infinite. Now you can begin to experience the miracle of who you really are, so you can be, do and have in life all that makes your heart sing!

I feel blessed and filled with gratitude for this gift enabling me to help others be in harmony with All That Is.

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